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Bridge to replace missing teeth

What is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is usually referred to as a “fixed” bridge. It is a “fixed” bridge because it is not removable from the mouth. A bridge is used to replace missing teeth and is supported by teeth located next to the space. Bridge holding teeth are called “abutments”. The bridge holding teeth are shaped to receive crowns, which are attached to replace the missing teeth.

Example Case #1: Lower arch Fixed Bridge to replace missing tooth

Dental Bridge as an option for missing teeth
Missing teeth replaced with a Dental Fixed Bridge


Example Case #2: Upper front teeth bridge to replace missing tooth in patient’s smile.

Treatment option for Gap in front teeth
This patient came to see Dr. Radhika Shah for a consulation to fix her smile which showed a “gap” due to a missing tooth.
Front teeth gap closed with a Permanent Dental Bridge
Photo of the patient smiling after Dr. Radhika Shah restored her smile with a Fixed Bridge using All-Ceramic Crowns.


All ceramic bridge to replace gap in front teeth
Close-up photo of the patient with the Fixed Bridge: Using All-Ceramic material, Dr. Shah was able to give the patient a highly esthetic life-like restorations.


What material is used to make the Bridge?

Drs. Nilay & Radhika Shah will consider the look and function of the bridge when choosing the material most suitable for you.

Some factors that are taken into consideration are:

  • Location of the bridge holding teeth (“Abutments”)
  • Position of the gum tissue
  • Amount of tooth that shows when you smile
  • Color or shade of the bridge and the surrounding teeth
  • function of the bridge

There are different types of materials used for a bridge:


Porcelain crowns with NO METAL. All ceramic crowns have a porcelain core, which facilitates a highly esthetic match.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

Tooth colored porcelain with underlying metal support

* All photos on this page are of Dr. Shah’s actual patients.

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