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Missing Teeth

Do you have missing teeth?

When you have missing teeth, you may be reluctant to smile or laugh in public. You may find it difficult to eat a variety of foods or speak clearly. Dentures can restore oral functions, such as chewing and speaking, and give you a smile that can make you proud.

Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures provide a full set of upper or lower teeth (or both, if necessary). They’re held in the mouth by a seal that forms between the denture base and the gums with the help of saliva. Complete dentures are placed after all of the natural teeth have been lost or removed, and the gum tissue has healed.

Immediate Complete Dentures:

Some patients are able to undergo denture placement immediately after having their teeth removed, without a healing period. Because immediate dentures are made before all of the teeth have been removed, the doctors will need to adjust the fit once the oral tissues have healed.

Partial Dentures:

Removable partial dentures typically have a metal framework beneath an acryllic base, colored to look like your gum tissue. Artificial teeth are mounted into the base, and the denture often attaches to your own teeth with metal clasps.

Esthetic partial dentures (Flexi): These partials have no metal and the entire base of the partial is custom made to match the shade of your gum tissue.

Implant Over-Dentures:

If you already have a set of existing dentures and you find them “floating” in your mouth, or you may find that the dentures keep falling out when you try to talk or eat – Implants is the solution!

Implants can be placed to support the denture – denture is still removable, but it “clicks” onto the implants, so they’re no longer loose!

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