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Zoom Teeth Whitening

The Details on Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure, maintenance, Before and After Pictures & Patient Reviews

Zoom Whitening Before & After Photos:

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Why Zoom Teeth Whitening?

The Zoom Teeth Whitening system is not only proven to white teeth up to eight shades in an hour, it’s also safe. However, it’s important to remember that your teeth must be free of cavities and tartar prior to doing any in-office whitening procedures.

Therefore, it’s important that you’ve had a recent dental examination and a cleaning. If you have plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth, the Zoom Whitening Gel will not be effective because it will not reach the tooth surface.

We believe in Zoom whitening so much that it’s the ONLY teeth whitening system we offer in our office! There are hundreds of in-office systems available in the market, however, having tested and tried most of them, we’ve filtered through them all and decided to stick with one that has worked the BEST for our patients!

Take a look at some of our Zoom Whitening before and after photos from our own patients to see for your self!

Zoom Whitening Reviews – What our patients say about their experience!

Zoom Whitening Reviews

What’s involved in the Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening System?

Zoom Whitening is completed in 1 Appointment, and takes approximately one hour and ten minutes. First 10 minutes are spent setting up by covering up gums, lips and inside of cheecks so only your teeth are exposed.

Whitening is started by applying the Zoom Whitening Gel to all the teeth and leaving it on for 15 minutes. The active ingredient in the gel is 25% Hydrogen Peroxide. The Zoom In-Office Whitening Lamp works by activating the hydrogen peroxide, and helps it penetrate the surface of the tooth.

There are total of 4 intervals of 15 minutes each. After each interval, the gel is cleaned off the teeth, new gel is applied and again the Zoom Whitening Lamp is activated to help the hydrogen peroxide penetrate the teeth to break stains and discoloration.

Note: Although rare, some patients can develop excess sensitivity / discomfort after the third session. Because everyone’s pain tolerance is different, a decision will be made to either continue on with the last session or stopping the whitening procedure at the end of the third session. We’ve found that most patient’s teeth are already whitened at the end of the third session.

Will the Zoom Whitening procedure work for me?

The results from the procedure are instant. You will at the end of the procedure will see there is a difference in shade from where you started.

However, the results from the procedure cannot be predicted. We will measure the shade of your teeth before the procedure and compare it to the shade of your teeth after the procedure is completed. The shade you end up with is different for everyone.

Although our patients have had amazing results from the whitening, small percentage of the patients only got few shades lighter.

Patients with yellow staining from aging, tobacco, soda, teach, coffee tend to get the best results. Treatment may not be as effective for patients with tetracycline grey shading, or with staining from other chemicals.

Note: Zoom Whitening will NOT whiten your fillings, bondings, and crowns (porcelain or metal).

Zoom Whitening Aftercare: Post Operative Instructions

Maintain your Oral Hygiene: To keep your perly whites looking their best, you should continue to floss and brush twice daily.

For Longer lasting results: Use the Zoom take home whitening for occasional maintenance. This is done with the Zoom NiteWhite or DayWhite included in the Zoom At-Home Whitening Kit.

Diet for the first 48 hours after Zoom Whitening: Avoid staining substances and sugary/acidic drinks (Soda, Orange Juice, etc.). You should avoid all tobacco products, coffee/tea, and red wine.

Teeth Whitening Sensitivity Concerns: Causes and Treatment

Cause: Majority of the times, sensitivity following a Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure stems from causes responsible for general teeth sensitivity. Things that may cause sensitivity of the teeth in general are gum cession, exposure of dentin (inner layer of tooth), severe decay, and cracks in existing fillings in teeth. Although sensitivity is temporary and treatable, it is for this reason your routine dental examination and cleaning is a must prior to undergoing a teeth whitening procedure.

Recommended care to manage sensitivity after teeth whitening: Apply desensitizing paste to your teeth. You can use MI Paste or other over the counter desensitizing products (Colgate’s Pro-Argin Toothpaste). You can also use a fluoride rinse (ACT) to help relieve sensitivity.

Pain Management: You can take an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen (Motrin) after your teeth whitening procedure and once before bedtime to relieve any discomfort/pain following the procedure.

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